Q: How long does it usually take to get a suppressor?
iI depends, the first step is a form 3 to a class 3 dealer in your area. This should take 2 to 3 weeks. It can however take much longer if a problem occurs with NFA branch.  This is something that cannot be predicted and is completely out of our control, we can call to check if it takes more than 3 weeks. There are only 3 responses you can get when you call to check your status. 1. Approved , 2. Pending, 3. not received.  There is not a way to track your status online, the only way is to call the NFA branch. The only people authorized to call are those on the form 3. The form 3 is considered a confidential  tax document by the treasury dept.  

Q: Are there any down sides from using a suppressor?
A: put your answers in italic text, just the answer part.

Q: If I have my gunsmith thread my barrel what warranty do I have?
A: If you have your barrel threaded here at Suppressed Armament you will have a our 100% no B.S. Warranty. If you choose to have your barrel threaded at your local gunsmith you will have our limited warranty. That means that should any problems occur, baffle strike for instance, we will have to inspect both the suppressor and your barrel. If the problem turns out to be the suppressor any repairs will be covered at no charge. If it turns out that your barrel was threaded with excessive run out, the repairs will be made at your expense and you will be offered the chance to have your barrel properly threaded while it is here for $95.00. If you chose not to have your barrel repaired your warranty will be voided on your suppressor.

Q: Do I need to clean my suppressor? If so what do you suggest and how often?
A: 3 years ago I would have answered no. Something has changed in the composition of some powders making it necessary to clean even your large caliber suppressors. The easiest method we have found it to plug the end, fill with white vinegar and let it sit for a day or two. Then rinse with hot water. The carbon will flush right out.  This method is only to be used on the Stainless Steel or Titanium models.

Q: Can I use my SAS .30 Arbiter on smaller caliber rifles?
Yes, you will have great success using your .30 caliber suppressor on smaller host weapons.

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